Art Gallery: Hana Aviv


Paintings on display: Lobby of the Cancer Center, Rutgers University,  Newark, NJ:  Pink Gladioli, The Large Maple and Tulips with Curtain.   Pending:  2022 Garden State Watercolor Society Annual Members Show (virtual). Birds in your backyard: Princeton Public Library (virtual)

 Hana selling her art at the Montclair Museum.  

 While taking life drawing classes in New York City and at the Montclair Art Museum, I discovered that I liked visualizing subjects in terms of movement, lines and shapes, and I loved to create patterns and designs.  However, once I captured the shape and movement, I was reluctant to finish the drawing.  Somehow, the lines and shapes seemed fresher, and the finished drawing (shading, background, details etc.) detracted from the freshness of the sketch.  Through trial and error, I found that the best way to finish my compositions was by using watercolor. Watercolor is a challenging medium that introduces an element of surprise, as the movement of water and the blending of colors sometimes come together in unexpected ways. I love to watch the water find its path on paper and delight in the spontaneous emergence of interesting shapes. This is most evident in my larger works, where the field of water has more freedom to travel across the paper. At this time I focus on overall design of my work – lines, shapes, and unity of design and color.  I take my inspiration from interesting objects that could be flowers, fruits, vegetables or landscapes, and also groups of figures interacting together. The elements of peace, tranquility and harmony are of major importance in my final compositions.

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